Quizzes 1-8= Logic Quizzes. If you do poorly on any of these quizzes, study the corresponding chapter in the Logic Course

Quizzes 9+= Ethics Quizzes. 


1. Chapter 1 and 2 Quiz (Identifying and Evaluating Arguments)

This quiz covers chapters 1 and 2

Evaluating Arguments Quiz

May the force be with you.

2. Chapter 3, Quiz 1 of 2 (Fallacies)

This quiz tests your knowledge of the informal fallacies logic text/chapter 3.

Fallacy Quiz 1

May the Force be with you.


3. Chapter 3, Quiz 2 of 2 (Fallacies)

Fallacy Quiz 2

This second fallacy quiz tests your knowledge of the fallacy chapter and includes some jokes from the great Steven Wright.

4. Chapter 4 Quiz (Socratic Method)

Socratic Method Quiz (Ch. 4)

This lesson will help you as you read Plato’s Dialogues.

5. Chapter 5 Quiz (Logical Consistency)

Logical Consistency Quiz (Ch. 5)

Notice a system of ideas can be logically consistent but false.

6. Chapter 6 Quiz (Science)

Chapter 6 Science Quiz

This quiz also introduces some basic epistemological and philosophy of science questions that the chapter does not cover.


7. Chapter 7 Quiz (Falsifiability)

Falsifiability (Ch. 7)

This test covers falsifiability, Ch. 7 A video is available here


8. Chapter 10 Quiz (Deductive & Inductive)

Deductive & Inductive Quiz (Chapter 10)

Deductive and inductive refer to how the arguer is claiming the premises support the conclusion.



Ethics Quizzes

9. Intro to Ethics & Hobbes (Social Contract)

Intro to Ethics & Hobbes (Ch. 1 & 2)

This quiz will test your knowledge of some ideas from Chapters 1 & 2 in the Ethics Course. If you miss questions, review those lectures/chapters.


10. Ethical Egoism Quiz

Egoism Quiz

Read the egoism chapter. Take this quiz. May the force(s) be with you.